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Forum Guidelines
2. Forum Guidelines

If there is just one thing that you take away from these guidelines, let it be this: Be polite.

Treat people how you want to be treated. If you post a polite, well thought out post then you are more likely to get a polite, well thought out response.

2.1 Backseat Moderating
Let the forum team do their job.

It is up to the administration or moderation team to decide what will happen to a member or post which breaks the rules. Remember, each time you reply to a post, you send it back to the top of the board. We would much rather you hit the ‘Report’ button if you find a post in breach of these rules rather than replying to it, especially if it’s simply to state that the poster is likely to get banned. On a similar note, don't just post "this is in the wrong forum" replies, at least try to answer the question. Rest assured, we will get around to the post in due course.

2.2 Threads
Please give your new threads relevant titles — "Improving weapons and shields" is a lot better than "My suggestions". Not only does this allow people to see what your post is about (making it more likely to attract interested posters) but it also helps the search function return relevant results. In addition, when starting a thread that requires an opinion, ensure your post actually contributes — the first post in a thread should state your own view about the topic, rather than being an empty post with no information or opinion for others to act upon.

Keep to the topic — Try and stay on the topic of the initial post when replying. While we all go off on tangents, it can be frustrating to the initial poster to see the discussion move away from the topic they posted about. It also doesn't help those who are looking for information, only to find that what they thought was a discussion on the best weapon in Mount & Blade is actually a lecture about medieval swordsmithing techniques. If you find the thread is wandering off-topic, try creating a new thread in the relevant forum to discuss the other issue.

Check to see if an existing thread already covers the subject you want to post about. We would rather you post in a current thread rather than starting a new thread, no matter how old.

Remember, the forums are a public arena. If you wish to talk specifically to a single user, use the private message function. That's why it’s there.

2.3 Off-Topic Board
When posting in the Off-Topic area, where we take a slightly more relaxed approach to moderation, please bear the following in mind: If you think that your post might be taken as offensive, then do not post it. If you find another person's post offensive, please consider the intent behind it. Just because a person's beliefs or opinion are different than yours does not necessarily mean that they are attacking yours. Common sense goes a long way. With that being said, we will not tolerate either discrimination or personal attacks on this forum, in any board.

2.4 Warning, Mutes, and Bans
These forums operate a tiered warning and mute system, based on points, as follows:
  • 1-3 points = Warned
  • 4-5 points = Muted (1 day)
  • 6-7 points = Muted (3 days)
  • 8-9 points = Muted (7 days)
  • 10 points = Muted (14 days)
Warnings issued to users will accumulate warning points on their profile that expire after 30 days. Minor transgressions will result in a warning that will be accompanied by a message explaining why the warning was issued. Repeat transgressions or serious infractions will result in an elevated warning being issued that may result in an immediate mute or a ban from the forums. Crossing certain thresholds upwards will apply the action listed above. These thresholds are 4, 6, 8, and 10 points. For example, if you have 3 warning points and are issued 1 or 2 more warning points, you will meet or exceed 4 total points and be muted for 1 day. The points will expire in 30 days, but the mute will expire in 1 day.

A warning has no visible effect on your profile unless you are muted. If your warning level reaches 4 or more points, you will be automatically muted, and your rank image will be replaced with a pitchfork and the "Muted" rank text. You will be unable to post in threads or send personal messages whilst in a muted state.

When the mute expires your rank image and text will return to normal, however, the warnings you were issued will remain on your record and will be visible to all moderators and administrators. Consider this your permanent record; users who accrue too many warnings on their record or commit a serious infraction will be permanently banned. “Too many warnings” does not have a quantifiable number; it is however many the administration staff feel is enough for a particular user to be banned, and may depend on which rules have been broken and the frequency of warnings/mutes accrued.

If whilst muted or banned you create, or use an already-existing, alternative account to post on the forums, then any and all accounts associated with your primary account will be permanently banned and no appeal will be considered. Likewise, if a user posts on behalf of a muted or banned user, then they will share in the punishment. If somebody is banned from this forum, it is for a good reason, and “channeling” the muted/banned person undermines the work of the forum team.

We reserve the right to bypass the points system entirely and mute or permanently ban users outright for breaking any of the rules outlined above, or if we feel they have crossed the line in any way, shape or form.

If you have been muted or banned and wish to make an appeal, you can contact the administration team by emailing: info@codexcited.com

2.5 Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar
Remember, not everyone on these forums speaks English as their primary language, and correct spelling and grammar can help them understand what you are trying to say. Punctuation serves a purpose; it makes your post easier to read. However, we do understand that not all members have the same standard of literacy or written English, so the occasional mistake is to be expected — we all make mistakes!

Please refrain from using chatroom abbreviations, l33t sp34k, or similar. If you can't be bothered to type out a coherent, intelligent post, then don't expect anyone to type out a coherent, intelligent response.

2.6 Modding
You can access our dedicated modding section through the Modding tab on the navigation bar above.

If you are considering joining our modding community, you should take note of the following: Many people here like to share and provide others with resources, and they will be marked as Open Source Projects (OSP). However, if you wish to include their work in your modification, you are required to credit them. Most OSPs can be used on this basis, but there are some that may ask you to contact the author (among other things) in order to gain permission. This is clarified in the opening post of the OSP and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission and provide proper credit for the resources that you use. It should also be clear that you cannot simply take things from other mods and use them in your own modification unless you have gained permission from the respective mod authors. Once you have permission, it cannot be redacted on a whim.

Should you lack permission for content and still offer it via download on this forum or another platform, it will be considered theft and result in your ban from the TaleWorlds forum.

2.7 International Forums
We offer boards for our international members to converse in their own language. However, we do require a certain level of activity for a board to be created. Initially, we ask that you create a thread in the Other section of the International Forum. If the thread garners enough engagement, we will proceed to open a board for that particular language or language group in the Other section. If activity on the forum continues to grow, we will house it on the front page of the forums under the International Forums section.

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