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Section Rules
Section Rules

We felt the need to write such a rule in order not to use it other than the purpose of the department. Below are a few of the main items that are most commonly used.

1 - In this section, you can only open topics with requests and suggestions about our games, forum and site.

2 - You can submit any kind of complaint to this section.

3 - It is forbidden to open a subject about other events to the department. There is a problem and requests section in each subcategory, and you should ask your questions by opening a topic in those sections.

4 - It is forbidden to open up accusing, humiliating or offensive issues in the section. If you have a problem with anyone, let someone know by throwing a special mesj to one of the forum managers.

5 - It is forbidden to open a topic for your personal requests in this section. For example, it is a personal request to ask for help about the cause of a problem on your internet and it will be deleted because this is not the place. You should open such requests to the general help section.

6 - It is forbidden to open a topic by giving titles to the department. For example ; RecLast see, Mods Look etc etc .... The title of your topics should be related to the content of your subject.

7 - It is forbidden to open any subject for sharing purposes other than the requests and suggestions about the game, forum and site. For example, sharing a topic explaining how to download files from rapidshares is prohibited here.

These rules have been opened purely to ensure forum compatibility.

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