Our Forum is Open! Our forum has been opened as of now. I wish everyone good work. (April 17, 2020) x

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Using the Forum
Using the Forum

[Image: Izp0gl.png]
1 - If you are opening questions, bugs, bugs and similar titles, you select the required topic here.
2 - You write the forum title here.
3 - If you want to add an icon to your topic, you choose it here.

4 - You can use here to add in-subject similes.
5 - You can set the font of your message here. Respectively; Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Text positioning, Format cleaning, etc.
6 - You can add pictures, add mail and link here.
7 - You can add videos and other similes from these 2 parts. Video and similes respectively.
8 - You can list here.
9 - Here you can add code and quote. To quote, it is enough to click on the bottom of the message you are going to quote.
10 - Here, spoiler and steam game adding process is done. We will publish our games here.
11 - You can write your message content here. The content you write must comply with the rules, and writing it using fonts as much as possible will make your content legible.

I hope this topic related to the use of the forum will work for you.

I wish good forums.


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